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As you browse through our site, you will see we have an
assortment of products that cover most any need for
businesses and organizations. Since 1977, Bauer Printing has
always been there for its customers with a commitment and
dedication like no other.

We are not for everyone. We seek out small to medium sized
businesses, organizations and non-profits, providing them with
a variety of printed (and non printed) products including
specialty type products such as 2 way mailers, multi part
computer forms with affixed labels, die-cut windows to simple
forms used in everyday business right down to rubber stamps
and blank labels. Some of our products also make for useful and
unique gifts for personal as well as business use. On our
PRODUCTS page we have attempted to make it easy for you by
listing many of our products with some useful side notes.

One benefit of using us as a supplier for your printing needs is
that we care as much about you and your business as we do
about ours. We have attempted to make your shopping a bit
easier in that you can find a good selection of products from one
reliable source.

Since 1977, we have sold to and assisted our customers in a
variety of ways. We look forward to adding
your name to our
list of satisfied customers.

When you order business forms from us, we will attempt to
monitor your forms usage and plan to provide reminders when it
appears to be close to the time to check your inventory for a
reorder. If we see your usage is greater than originally
estimated, we will provide you with revised pricing as it pertains
to your ordering requirements in order to help save you money.

We can review any forms that you may have designed to make
sure they are useful and satisfy the needs for which they were
designed, offering any suggestions that could possibly improve
its use or save you money.

Our relationship does not just involve a simple supplier /
customer relationship. After any sale we still continue to work
with you. Please provide us the opportunity and we will certainly
show you.

For fastest response to any inquiry, please contact
Larry Bauer.


If you are a Section 501 (c) (3) organization, we would like to
help you. Please contact
Larry Bauer with your requirements
or write to him at:

Larry Bauer, Bauer Printing Company, PO Box 512, Paramus, NJ

Details regarding our special program will be forwarded to you.
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